26 September 2010, by Edmund Tay

Children make me laugh :)

One of the most fun things about being a parent, is watching them develop.

From tiny babies that depend on your every need, they grow to be really fun children, that really amuse us as parents.

As the eldest, Daddy has had more time observing Nicole’s behaviour, and she is very good at the ancient art of looking after her own interests!

Man does not need to be taught this art, as it seems to be an inborn skill! Especially if you are a Singaporean.

To further illustrate this point, when Nicole was 3yo, she was always trying not to share her food and other goodies with anyone in the office….

Here are some real-life scenarios:

When you ask to share her soup, she will say it is TOO HOT! (so that you can’t drink her soup)

When you ask to share her soup 5 mins later, she will say it is TOO COLD! (And she keeps on drinking her soup, and stretches her hand out, to prevent you from coming too near her soup! )

Lately, When you ask to ask to share her Donut with you, she will say “CANNOT! Got Germs!”

kids at airport

To be fair, Nathan has got some tricks up his sleeve as well:

When you ask to share his food, he will point you to the store, to indicate that you can order some for yourself!

To avoid sharing his food, he uses the body block and his butt to keep his younger sister out of the way! :)

The kids are really funny. Check out this funny moment, when she was younger.

I wonder how the kids will feel, when they read about the things that they have done 10 years from now?!?

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