22 September 2010, by Daphne Ling

Flower Power

One time we brought Tru to the beach and we came across some flowers growing under a tree so I started getting all excited like “Tru, look, there are flowers!“. I should probably preface this by saying that this little sensitive guy of mine loves flowers. A lot. The very first word he said clearly and with gusto was “FLOWER!” When he’s throwing a hissy fit in the car, he stops whenever we drive past this stretch along ECP with pink, orange and lilac flowers at the divider.

You should probably also know here that I’m not a flowers and candy kind of girl. The husband used to buy me flowers from time to time and I have to admit, I never quite knew what to do with them. I’m like “oh, great, more flowers” and pretend to smell them but honestly, they’re not pretty enough for the trouble it takes to keep them alive. I mean, I’ve got to change the water everyday, arrange them in the vase nicely (I don’t know how) and when they die, they start to smell pretty bad if I forget to chuck them in the trash. I’d much prefer like an iPad or a new techie gadget, which I eventually found a tactful way of communicating to the husband. (I think I may have said something like “flowers are dumb, get me an iPhone instead“)

But back to my extremely macho, albeit flower-obsessed little man. He saw the flowers, ran and squatted down beside them and smiled his million-dollar smile while shouting “flowers, momma, so many flowers!

So I mirrored his enthusiasm. “WOWWW that’s really nice sweetheart,” I said.

He reached over and carefully plucked out one tiny yellow flower, held it gingerly and walked towards me. Then he put it into my hand and said “for you, mommy.

I think this is what they meant when they said that being a mom was the most awesome thing in the world. Seriously, best present ever.

Posted on : September 22, 2010

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Jaime Teo

Jaime Teo

September 30th, 2010 at 12:41 pm    

Aw…. i felt all warm and tingly after reading this. Thanks for sharing =)


September 22nd, 2010 at 2:03 pm    

W.O.W. Wait till they write notes to you…

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