21 June 2010, by Edmund Tay

Children’s Birthday Parties

19th June is an important day in our household, as it is not only my birthday but also Nicole’s (My eldest daughter) bdae!

In recent years, it is mostly become her birthday, and as Parents, we are pre-occupied with something NEW! – Children’s Parties!

In fact, celebrating our child’s birthday is now a National Holiday in the Tay family, and it takes as much co-ordination as a Parade at the Padang!

Why?!? These Days….the Parties have Themes…and they are no longer non events, where you just gather a few people to blow out the candles on the cake…

Last year, from out of the blue, Nicole came up with the idea of “Traffic Light Party!” The theme was just basically built on her favorite Colors and most importantly, it wasn’t expensive to organize. This was in stark contrast to her 3rd Birthday Party, which was held at “My Gym” which cost quite a bit!

But Don’t worry, if there is a will, there is always a Way!

I am sure that we Singaporeans can find a cheap economical way to throw a cheap party, and with Singaporeans heading the committee….I am pretty sure that we are in SAFE hands! 🙂

This year, in order to keep to our budget, we started thinking of a creative theme… And it all started with a Simple Ice Milo at the Coffee Shop downstairs.

As we were sipping our Ice Milo together, we had a New Idea! How about a “MILO Party!”

“Yeah…That will be Great DADDY! I Love Milo…and they can all have Milo Dinosaur at my Party!”

Daddy immediately got to work and decided to write to Nestle to ask for sponsorship for the party.

To Daddy’s surprise and delight, they replied and they were willing to sponsor us with Milo memorabilia. Isn’t that Fantastic!

Mummy got really excited, and she even wanted me to ask for a Milo Factory Visit, and maybe get the Milo Van to come to the school…Unfortunately, Milo does not allow any visits to their factory, and I think 18 kids is not a good enough number to ask for the Milo Van…:)

But, we quickly got to work in terms of the Party Invitations, and we managed to use our FREE Canon Selphy Printer to produce this personalized invitation for Nicole’s friends in school.

We were GOOD TO GO!

Check out how to have Cheap Party Games and see the Party Photos in the next entry…

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Posted on : June 21, 2010

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Edmund Tay

Edmund Tay

June 24th, 2010 at 3:49 am    

Thanks Celine!

I was surprised that Milo was ready to help as well! 🙂 But Good thing as they did…It really helped to make the party more MILO-fied! 🙂

Celine Yeo

June 22nd, 2010 at 10:56 am    

So clever!! I did a party at a Club and you are right, it was costly, even though I combined 2 of my children’s birthdays. The next year I just did a Pokemon party and got everyone to wear a Pokemon t-shirt, stuck Pokemon stickers on plates and cups, etc. It was really fun and the kids loved it! Way to go MILO dad and Nic!!


June 21st, 2010 at 3:06 pm    

Datz a really cool idea, Ed
Wonder how many containers/tubs of iced Milo u made for her party…???
Looking fwd to your next entry =)

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