7 May 2010, by Dannie

Launch of Maybebaby

Some time in the early 2000s, I developed a really close (but platonic!) friendship with Von. After Von graduated from polytechnic, she joined up with an event-management company and ended up working 24/7 just to organize and oversee events for companies big and small. Whenever I spoke to her, she was always so stressed out, and being the kind gentlemanly soul that I was, I always ended up asking if I could help out in any way.

And help I did, in minor ways. She would do up the vast majority of the plans and I would then just edit them for presentation. And that was a great arrangement because it meant that she was meeting her deadlines, and I was also getting some knowledge and experience in events planning and management, which helped me later in my career.

When I started working with an airline with a small presence in Singapore, we started off with events for the trade (product presentations and awards dinners) then as we gained experience and confidence, moved on to roadshows to showcase our brand.

Still, with all that experience under my belt, I had never, ever once been considered a VIP or a ‘model’ for any event. Being a blogger for maybaby.sg has certainly changed that!

From the time we arrived at Wisma Atria, we were hustled here and there by Celine Yeo, executive director of I Love Children and the lovely PR girls who were helping out for the event.

Photos! Seats! Upgrade to front row seats! Invitation to launch the portal on stage! Interviews! More photos! I loved it!

Front row VIP seats! Woot!

Launch of portal

Posing for My Paper

Interview by Lianhe Zaobao

Your friendly maybebaby bloggers!

Our guest of honor, Mrs Josephine Teo, MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and a mother of three, shared her conviction on the joys of parenthood. I thought one of the points she made was extremely thought-provoking — as a couple considering whether to have children, the thoughts are always on the sacrifices necessary. The time. The money. Foregoing of career advancement opportunities. But looking at her children, how could she think that those were unworthy sacrifices? She cannot imagine her life without any of her kids now.

I thought about what she said, and tried to put that in the context of my family, and I realized that it is probably true for us too. My family is actually quite aloof. We do not necessarily share our daily life with one another, or even make it a point to dine together often, but deep down in our hearts, there’s always one truth that cannot be denied. When needed, we are always there for one another.

And do I want to have children of my own to build that family bond?

Hell, yes.

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Wonderful journey and experience!

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