18 April 2010, by Jaime Teo

On Nursing and Nappies

It is ­week 2 of being a Mommy. Am I becoming Mrs Panda? Yes. On average, the longest nap I take (including those at night) is 2.5hrs. Then it’s time to nurse, change nappies, burp Renee and then take that nap before it’s time for her next feed. (To Dan’s credit, he’s perfectly adept at nappy changes, burping and even bathing which I don’t know how to do. But only Mommy can feed so….)

That is why my mom(Thank you Mom!) is cooking me lots of nourishing Chinese confinement food — everything(innards are usually featured) cooked with alcohol, ginger and sesame oil. Chicken essence and a handful of vitamins make their way down my throat everyday too. I think eating well is not only essential for the purpose of nursing — it is the reason why I am still functioning. :p

A typical lunch – thankfully I actually like this stuff enough to eat it everyday!

So what have I learnt so far? That to ANY question we can’t answer, there is somebody (usually many bodies) who has blogged/talked/discussed it to bits. I mean there are forums for almost every “worriable” scenario and trust me — you will be glad to find these forums when you are in need.

“Is this the correct latch on? Is it suppose to hurt this much?” (answer to that is no)
“She just drank an hour ago but looks like she’s crying for more. Should I feed her?”
“Is this color/projectile poop normal?”
“Her nails are so long. Can we cut them? When? How?”
“Her skin is peeling. More moisturizer?”

I wonder how mothers mothered without the internet in the past. I imagine I’d have lesser sleep than I already do if I had to wonder and worry about the answers to every question I didn’t know. Some people read up on Everything before Baby arrives. But Dan and I are pretty lazy chill in that aspect and believe in on the job training. We found out that only works for certain areas.

Nursing was a pretty painful on the job training for me. That would be a good example of how being prepared might work better. At least it would have saved me from having to go on a course of antibiotics due to fever, chills and flu-ish aches. Oh alright, I’ll confess to not attending any breastfeeding classes so serves me right. Lactation consultants know their stuff so ASK. Preferably BEFORE any problem arises. That was during the all important first week and throughout the pain, I only had to look at Renee’s angelic face (cut me some slack. I’m like all mothers — biased) to press on with breastfeeding. How can you not want to give her the best?

Dan says we’re saving the economy one diaper at a time — she changes so many times a day! To be fair, we might be a little ‘kiasu'(ie: paranoid) and change her the instant we discover a damp dirty diaper. But really, when she smiles, it makes me want to protect her from everything. Including those painful looking nappy rashes.

This is the face that makes it all worthwhile =) (you can go throw up now)

A friend summed it up very aptly : “Mommyhood. You don’t get it until you get there”.

Posted on : April 18, 2010

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