15 April 2010, by Dannie Cho

Our Story So Far

February 2004

I was working in an airline. Yi Lin had just joined a travel agency after realizing she wasn’t argumentative enough for a career in law. My company had tasked me to organize a familiarization trip to Sri Lanka for selected travel agents and media, and her boss decided that she would be the lucky staff who got to go on the free trip.

During the trip, we got along great. I was immensely attracted to this lovely, well-spoken woman with a fantastic body. She was of course charmed by my boyish good looks and great sense of color (brown t-shirt with florescent orange berms with an army-style jungle hat for our white water rafting activity, anyone? Yeeeech! I look at those photos now and I cringe!)

My color-blindness notwithstanding, we continued to keep in touch after the trip. With so many shared interests, it was easy to organize dates for movies, blading along East Coast Park and even visits to the MPH Book Sale at Singapore Expo. Each meeting was a wonderful narcotic that I just could not get enough of!

April 2004

I had fallen head-over-heels in love with Yi Lin, and she knew it. It was an earth-shattering moment when she finally agreed to be my girlfriend. Hurray! We kissed throughout the night.

July 2004

I proposed. This woman was so perfect for me. I really liked her so I put a ring on it. (Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh)

Everyone was shocked, including her parents. Her dad very diplomatically asked me what were our plans for starting a family. He seemed really relieved when we said that we would probably wait a couple of years before we start having kids.

February 2005

One year after we met each other, we were married.

Sometime in 2007

We decided to try to have children. We were unsuccessful for three months. Then Yi Lin confessed that she really wasn’t keen to have children yet. “I have not traveled the world yet! And I know that I cannot put aside my wanderlust and make a baby now!”

Being the understanding husband that I am, we made a deal. We would try to get a posting overseas. If that posting is 6 months or more, then that would be considered our ‘travel experience’. If not, then we will both take a year off work latest by March 2009. In the meantime, we started saving like mad.

March 2009

We went on a year-long trip to the USA and South America. Near the end of the trip, birth control was ignored, and we were trying for a baby again.

March — May 2010

We returned to Singapore, got on with our lives, and are still trying for a baby. And as you read our blog entries, you are following in our journey towards parenthood. Wish us luck!

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