28 March 2010, by Jaime Teo

Whining and Dining

At 36 weeks, I’ll admit to doing too much of these two things. Let’s start with dining cos it’ll probably be a quicker write.

I’ll have to share a little biology lesson so that we’re all on the same page. By 36 weeks, the uterus which was the size of an apricot lying at the lower abdomen before pregnancy, would have stretched all the way to just below the ribcage, squishing up every other organ. The all important organ (when it comes to dining), the stomach, is unable to expand as much as it could before because it’s all squished up. The implications are that eating a normal sized meal is only possible if you don’t mind gasping for breath afterwards. What to do? Take small meals across the day.

It is important to me that my small meals sound healthy and packed with nutrients because then I’ll feel like a responsible mother — anything that helps the emotional well being of the mother-to-be must be good! So we try to stock up on anything that says “Multigrain” or “Fortified with <insert vitamin>.

It’s also fortunate that my good doctor has given me plenty of vitamins to take and I try to take them nightly because you guessed it — that sounds responsible. Besides, if I take my vitamins before I sleep, Renee would have some source of food the 10hrs 8hrs I’m not eating. (Disclaimer: This has zero medical grounds, but it makes me feel clever for having thought it and feeling clever must contribute too, to my the well being of the mother to be =) )

Now onto the whining: (I hope you didn’t think the above was it!)

Where do I start. Hm… I have a few things that are on repeat the entire day. Like how my fingers are swollen and hurt when I clench them; Or how I keep having to go to the toilet; Or how waddling is a poor alternative to walking; Or how I have no clothes to wear cos everything makes me look like I’m trying to hide a beach ball under my clothes.

The man has gotten this practiced look of empathy down to an art and displays it every time I start on any of the above. He’s even got these sounds (goes something like “hmmm….” and “orh.…”) that somehow comes across as consoling when I’m whining. The applications of work at home — amazing. Some days when I’m feeling big hearted, I can’t decide if I’d rather be in my shoes or his. Hurhur

Then family will come by, sometimes bearing gifts for Renee, and always bearing smiles. The excitement they express for a new member of the family reduces my whining to a whittle. I’m smiling rather idiotically when they bring us baby booties and doll sized clothes cos it’s just surreal that I’ll have one of my very own dolls to play dress up with a baby in a very short time.

I think that’s how other mothers deal with every inconvenience. They focus on the joy. Think I’ll go rummage thru Renee’s drawers and ooh and aah at little clothes =)


Look what pretty booties Uncle Michael bought for Renee! 

Posted on : March 28, 2010

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