23 March 2010, by Dannie Cho

How To Have Sex

Going by anecdotal evidence, most people with kids are divided into two categories — those who got into shotgun marriages, and those who conceived within months of getting married. For those who got into shotgun marriages, there was the thrill of forbidden fruit spurring them on to have sex. Those who recently got married had the thrill of finally doing the deed with no contraceptives. But both groups had something in common — they were buoyed by something new in their sex lives.

Shoot a thousand arrows into the enemy lines, and at least one arrow should hit a target.

What about those like us, with five years of marriage behind us? Those who have reached a degree of familiarity that you just can’t shoot a thousand arrows simply because the reload time is slower? Does that mean that your baby-making days are over?

Not by a long shot!

Going by the biological mumbo-jumbo found on various websites regarding menstrual cycles, release of eggs, temperature, and other assorted variables, I have distilled the essence of ‘best timing’ into a simple coda for all guys.


With luck, you won’t see her period again for the next nine months. Without luck, why, you’d just have to try again next month!

That being said, I find that giving yourself rules in the bedroom really kills off passion. Sex becomes mechanical. It becomes an obligation that you want to do it and get it over with so that you can go back to commenting on your friends’ lives on Facebook.

If that’s the problem you face, then it’s time to go back to basics. Remember that you are making love to this woman because you want to, and not because you want a kid. Because if you think of a kid and can still maintain an erection, then, my friend, there’s a jail cell just waiting for you.

Foreplay. When was the last time you kissed and stroked each other all over? Appreciate each other’s body all over again. Tease a little. Neither of you will get an orgasm when you dip your tongue into her belly button, but it all adds to the sexual tension that WILL help you release your seed into her.

And then, as a guy, you’ve done all you need to do to make a baby. It takes a little more time, but at least you can go back to Facebook as a fulfilled man! 


Posted on : March 23, 2010

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