21 March 2010, by Jaime Teo

Some Ways I Spend My Pregnant Days

1. Read up on pregnancy since forewarned is forearmed.  When I get bored have already read the ‘proper books’, I google for new information. Some websites (I signed up with babycenter.com) provide a day by day progress chart but every time I open that page, my eyes cannot help but continue reading the next day’s progress and before I know it, I’ve finished the entire month’s worth of progress. Better to wait for emails of weekly updates because that way, I remember which week of pregnancy I’m at.

Note of advice : Do not google “Horror birth stories” or “Things that can go wrong during birth”. It does not make one feel forearmed in anyway.


I find this very helpful.

2. Stare at tummy. Admittedly, every other alien or exorcist type movie has given a bad name to anything that moves inside of a human body. It still feels very foreign to me when I look at my tummy move/wobble when Renee wriggles or kickboxes.  At the earlier stages, these movements felt more like they were my intestines doing a reshuffle. But now, it’s obviously another being because I can feel her knobby knees/elbows/fist or maybe it’s a head/back/butt. I worry at times that she’ll be born bruised all over cos we keep pressing down on the bits that surfaces. Generally, this is more fun during the later stage of pregnancy.

Note of advice: Although it’s fun to share the experience, the novelty might wear out sooner than later for your spouse. Especially if you ask him to touch your tummy every 5mins cos you felt baby move but the moment his hands are on your tummy there’s NADA (This will happen frequently). Or if you insist that he stares at your tummy with you for extended periods of time.

No, that’s not my belly and I’m not sure if it’s a photoshopped one.  But it happens.

3. Make travel plans. Travelling is a big thing with me and the man. We had initially thought that we’d have to do ALL the traveling before having a baby because travelling with a baby sounded like mission inconvenient impossible.  A couple of weeks ago, we decided to start planning for a holiday and targeted our travel date for 6mths after Renee arrives. Interestingly enough, we realized that if we omit trips we’re unlikely to take anyway, like roughing it out in deserts / go hiking / visit countries with extreme weather conditions, it is still possible to travel! I don’t know why it took so long for that shoe to drop but see? The mind is all about adapting to new situations and conditions.

4. Write. I write because writing is a form of purging for me. It is better that my thoughts are left somewhere other than in my head, meaning they usually end up in a word file or in cyberspace. (No, I do not keep a diary cos my handwriting is really ugly I’ve forgotten the ancient art of writing). If I do not do housekeeping with my thoughts, I sometimes go through the same things and come to the same conclusion that I’ve arrived at the last time I thought about it. Absolute waste of time isn’t it?

Going out is another option but I find that 70% of the time I’m out, I’m looking for restrooms (pregnant people need the restroom All the time). Since I’m not in a hurry to publish a book on where all the toilets are in Singapore, I think staying home is more comfortable and convenient.

Surely you can see now why I write more.

Posted on : March 21, 2010

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