When Happiness Is Family


For my husband Lionel and I, our little girl Keira is the light of our lives.

She may be just 20 months old, but she has taught us so many things.

We have learnt the importance of patience when it comes to teaching and guiding her. Of course, it is inevitable that we flare up at times, but we always remind ourselves to keep our cool.

Keira has also given our lives a whole new dimension of happiness that money can’t buy.

In the past, I used to splurge on luxury items for myself. After being a parent, however, these things are no longer a priority.

Parenthood has made me realise that happiness can be as simple as spending time with family and cherishing every moment.  

Keira is a joyful and smiley little girl, so we recently signed her up for I Love Children’s Little STARS Search. To our surprise and amazement, she ended up winning the pageant!

However, it wasn’t about the recognition for us as we just wanted her to have fun. What brings us the greatest joy is seeing her excitement whenever she experiences something new, and watching her develop into a person of her own character.

In fact, Keira will be welcoming a baby brother in December 2017, and we can’t wait to see her grow into the caring big sister we know she will become.



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