We weren’t planning to have 5 children, but we did


“And we weren’t trying for a boy.”

I’m 29 years old and my husband is 31 and we are the proud parents of five daughters. 

We got married in 2011, had our first born in 2012 and second born in 2014, because we always wanted our children to be born in the year of the dragon & horse (龙马精神).

It was not easy handling a baby and a toddler and moving into a new home, but I’m thankful that my mum was around to help.

We weren’t planning to have another child, but she decided to be part of the family in 2017. And when I thought I was all over and could have a flat tummy, we got pregnant again.

To be honest, when we first found out we were pregnant again, I wasn’t sure if we should continue with the pregnancy. We made an appointment with my gynae and before we could talk about our decision, she surprised us with the news that we were expecting twins! We took a step back and seek advice from our parents and of course, the answer was to have the babies.

At first, I was afraid I couldn’t cope, but, I’m glad that I could count on my husband to plan ahead and prepare everything. 

We welcomed our twins on May 2019, so far everything have been smooth! 

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