We got married three times!


“We got married three times! First, a traditional Indian temple wedding, then a church ceremony, followed by a Chinese wedding”

I first met Camille at a bar during her brother’s 18th birthday party, and it was truly love at first sight. I thought it was cool to meet a girl who goes to the bar with her family. Two weeks later, we bumped into each other on the street and realised that we both worked in the same area. 

We started dating, and everything just fell into place. While we may have different cultural and religious backgrounds, we have very similar likes and dislikes. We also get along really well with each other’s family. At first, Camille’s mum “interviewed” me to make sure that I was serious about the relationship – and I suited up in a bid to impress her. Now, we’re practically best friends! 

Being in a mixed-race relationship, planning for our wedding was a challenge – one that really tested our love and persistence. We had to compromise many times, as well as manage the expectations of our parents and relatives. 

In the end, we both respected our religious differences, while also fulfilling our wedding dreams. We got married three times! First, we held a traditional Indian temple wedding; Camille had lots of fun learning the traditional rituals; for instance, she had to sprinkle rice as a form of blessing during the ceremony, but she accidentally threw it at everyone instead! One month later, we held a church ceremony, followed by a Chinese wedding. This time, it was my turn to observe Chinese customs, such as the traditional tea ceremony. Ultimately, we came to realise that marriage doesn’t consist of just us both – it also includes the people who love and care for us. 
Today, we are the proud parents of two wonderful sons. Our kids are exposed to both our religions, and will have the freedom to decide which path to follow when they’re older. 


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