We braved the storm!


It might sound surprising – even naïve – to some, but Angelyn and I have already tied the knot, despite being only 23 and 26 respectively. 

We’ve known each other for a long time now, having grown up in the same church. We got closer when we started attending the same study group and university, eventually dating for about two and a half years before getting married. 

The proposal was low-key, as I knew that’s what Angelyn would have preferred. 

I popped the question at the pavilion of her condominium, which her sisters had helped decorate with photos and blue fairy lights. 

Plus, Angelyn isn’t into diamonds, so I got her a simple silicon ring that she can wear even while playing sports.  

Our honeymoon destination? Osaka and Kyoto, where we so happened to experience one of Japan’s strongest typhoons! 

It was scary, at the same time interesting for us at first as we have never experienced such strong winds and rain before. We were also worried of our safety and so, scrambled back to the apartment to seek shelter.  

While hurrying back, we realised we could always count on each other for support, both literally and figuratively! 

People might say we’re still young, but we know we’re meant for each other. 

We share common interests such as sports and enjoy the beach, and more importantly, we have similar values. 

Of course, we have our differences too, but helping each other grow to become better individuals was one key thing that brought us together, even with Angelyn’s habit of cracking her knuckles when she sleeps!

Besides, marrying early enables us to enjoy more time together as a couple before the little ones come along; it means we’ll likely have more energy as parents, too. 

We hope to have at least two kids, ideally before Angelyn turns 30 – which, thanks to our relative youth, it’s about seven years away! 

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