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Tired of feeling tired


“I had to learn the hard way…when I first had my twins, I was really struggling to get them to sleep.”

My husband and I were like walking zombies. I didn’t know how bad the sleep deprivation was affecting me emotionally and mentally until I got into a fight with my mother-in-law! I was horrified with myself as the usual well rested me would not have reacted this way. I was not myself at all.

Then one day, my neighbour told me to explore sleep training and with her guidance, I started implementing what I have learned on my twins, and it worked! My twins started to sleep well and through the night.

I started to blog about my sleep training journey and other sleep-deprived parents started reaching out to me for help. The hard truth is, it took lots of trial and error to get me where I am today.

I have helped thousands of tired and sleep-deprived families all over the world, get back their precious sleep so that they can enjoy their parenthood journey, by using my simple, proven and effective 5 steps Sleep Baby Sleep Program.

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