Super Grandma Chia


How old were you when you first became a Grandma?

I was 56 when I first became a grandma. Now, at 65 years old, I have five grandchildren (and another on the way). Age is just a number and I still lead an active lifestyle – whether it’s gardening, exercising or spending time with my grandchildren. My wish is to have 10 grandchildren.


What is your daily weekday routine like?

It revolves around caring for my grandchildren, housework and exercise. I do Zumba classes on Monday nights and health talks on Wednesday nights.

I brisk walk with my friends and do some housework before picking up my youngest grandson at 7a.m; and laundry and marketing is completed by 9a.m.

During my grandson’s naptime, I start preparing dinner. (Did I mention I cook for 9 adults, 4 children and 1 infant?)

With the youngest in tow, I will pick two of my primary school going grandchildren at 2 p.m. from school.

I love to see everyone gather at my place in the evening and catching up over home-cooked dinner.


What about your weekends?

With more personal time during weekends, I meet up with friends and participate in community events like Chingay and the National Day Parades.

As an active grandparent, I believe that active ageing is important, as it prevents dementia and keeps me healthy, both physically and mentally.


What do you enjoy most about grandparenting? 

I enjoy being surrounded by my grandchildren. It is truly amazing to watch each of them hitting different milestones in their lives.


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