Stung by a scorpion when pregnant


For my husband Jimmy and I, children initially weren’t on the cards so early in our lives. After dating close to a decade, we decided that it was time to get married, yet at 25, it seemed too early to have children. Our plan was to enjoy a “honeymoon” period of two years before planning for kids.

However, we had a very different plan from our God. After just two months into our marriage, we found out that I was pregnant. I was so shocked that I bought four pregnancy tests to confirm - all of which yielded the same result. Jimmy was equally taken aback. Yet, we eagerly waited the arrival of our first child. Somehow, we both intuitively knew that we were expecting a boy.

Becoming parents was a defining moment in Jimmy and my life. We got to experience love and joy like we never had before! Before the birth of my son, we’ve never felt ready to be parents (even to the last minute just before my son was born), but yet after that, we could never imagine living a life like the one we had before he came along.

Having Isaac gave us a new perspective on things around us. It felt as if we were seeing and doing the same old things but with fresh new eyes. Even a boring trip to the supermarket was fun as we watched our son excitedly point out all the fruits, vegetables and seafood.

Our second child came along as unexpectedly 20 months later. I was a teacher then, and got stung by a poisonous scorpion while on campus.

When I visited the doctor, he said that I would be required to take an injection immediately to stop the poison from spreading before moving to the hospital for a more detailed check. He asked if I was pregnant, but I dismissed him with a laugh. I certainly did not feel ready to be a mum of two children! However, he was adamant because the injection was extremely potent, so I took a pregnancy test just to humour him – and lo and behold, the result was positive!

I ended up being sent to A&E in a great hurry, with the doctor, my boss and my director panicking alongside me. At the A&E, there were only two thoughts that came to mind...“Was I ready to be a mum of two?” and “How can I protect this child”?

I certainly did not feel more prepared even after having number one. But I realised that you would never be ready for parenthood. It is a never-ending learning journey.

Today, I’m a full-time homemaker taking care of our two beautiful children, while Jimmy is a marketer at a multinational corporation.

We were initially worried that we wouldn’t be able to provide for two children on one income. but yet providence and help always came just when we needed it. We don’t have a live-in helper and car; saving, not wasting and spending intentionally is a big part of how we manage the household expenses.

For example, overseas family trips are planned in advance and even our elder son chips in to intentionally save for it by making sure he does not waste electricity, leave the tap running, etc.

Though he is only three, he has learned to be sensitive to spending and keeps a “wish list” book in which he writes/draws the toys he wishes to buy. When he has “saved up”, he will then evaluate the items he has written in his book and decide which to buy.

While we didn’t plan for children so early in our marriage, I can’t imagine life without my little ones today. They’ve enriched our lives in so many ways, and we count our blessings every day.

Will we have more? Yes! We are looking forward to that day when our family becomes a five- some!


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