Saying ‘I Do’ While Studying


I first met Carol in JC, when we were both members of the shooting club. Sparks flew and soon enough, we were going out. 

We dated for about six years, before deciding to tie the knot. What was unusual about our marriage was that I was still in the third year of my undergraduate studies at NTU, while she was pursuing her MBA; I was just 24 and she was 25. Nonetheless, we were both certain that we wanted each other as life partners, and felt that it was a good time to settle down so we could consolidate our plans for the future. 

After several failed attempts to apply for a BTO, we struck gold with a sale of balance flat. As such, we took the chance to register our marriage in January 2017, before collecting our keys. 

The road to marriage wasn’t always smooth. Carol’s family initially disapproved due to the fact that I was still studying and hadn’t yet secured a full-time job. But, they eventually gave us their blessings and attended our ROM. Our friends were shocked too, but they extended their full support.  

Of course, it also isn’t easy to finance a BTO, especially since I’m still in school. So, Carol and I founded a photography and videography company called Re:make Photography in 2014, which she now manages, and which I do regular photography gigs for. I also teach tuition in order to help pay off the monthly housing loan and bills. What’s more, we have actually both been saving up for our matrimonial home since JC by taking up holiday jobs.

Initially, Carol and I found it quite stressful to juggle both our marriage and the house, as well as keep up with our studies. But we have since figured out how to balance each other’s needs and schedules; for instance, I focus on school during weekdays and spend time with her on weekends. We plan to have our first child in three years’ time, after I graduate and acclimatise to the working world. 

My advice to young couples is if you’re certain you want to spend the rest of your life together, then start planning for the future. There will undoubtedly be obstacles along the way, but learning how to face problems together will only make your relationship stronger. Don’t wait for the opportunity to get married – create it. 


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