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A Rainbow of Love: Navigating the Journey of Parenthood after Loss


Knowing that our path to parenthood might be challenging due to my medical background, we sought assistance before getting married in 2018. In 2019, we conceived triplets through IUI, but a uterine infection led to the devastating loss of our triplets at 23+4 weeks. In our darkest moments, we found strength in each other and the support of loved ones.

Determined to build our family, we embarked on an adoption journey. In August 2021, our rainbow baby, Hannah, entered our lives, filling us with overwhelming love. Caring for a newborn was a steep learning curve, we quickly transitioned from carefree adults to devoted parents responsible for a new life. Despite the challenges, our hearts were filled with joy and gratitude for our precious rainbow baby.

In a surprising twist, we discovered we were expecting another set of triplets through a double embryo transfer. Our second set of triplets arrived prematurely in October 2022. While we rejoiced at the arrival of Luka and Elia, our oldest son, Noah, faced health complications and passed away at just 32 days old. It was a heartbreaking loss that tested us, having to balance the sorrow we have for losing Noah with the need to celebrate the progress and growth of Luka and Elia and the joy Hannah brought into our lives.

Inspired by my own journey, I founded Noah's Little Light, an organisation dedicated to providing mental health support for individuals facing the challenges of infertility, prenatal loss, and infant loss. Having experienced the depths of these struggles firsthand, I understand the overwhelming sense of isolation that can accompany such journeys. Through Noah's Little Light, I hope no one ever feels alone on their journey of infertility and loss.


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