Preparing for the big day


Jacsee and I had been dating for two years before I decided to pop the question. She caught my attention the very first time we met; over the years, she proved time and again that she’s a keeper. 

Now that we’re engaged, another challenge looms: planning for the wedding. After much contemplation, we have decided not to hold the conventional banquet with a multi-course dinner. 

We’ll do something more rustic and intimate. So instead of a swanky hotel, we have chosen a nice cosy Spanish restaurant at One Rochester. 

Wedding preparations have been hectic, to say the least. Jacsee is a teacher, while I’m an air steward, which means I’m hardly in Singapore. 

On top of booking the wedding venue, engaging a wedding photographer, drawing up seating plans and attending gown fittings, we also have to squeeze in time to renovate our matrimonial home.

Fortunately, we’re shouldering the load pretty equally. I actually did most of the initial research, submitting options to Jacsee for her approval. 

On her part, she liaises with the bridal shop and restaurant to settle the finer details. In fact, I’m the one who stresses out more, while Jacsee calms me down! 

The big day is set for 11 November this year, and we couldn’t be more excited! 


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