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Pregnant during the Pandemic


“After 4 years of trying, my husband and I were finally given great news.”

2020 has been a very interesting year, to say the least.

Mubarak and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years. The pandemic might have been a blessing in disguise for us as my period was late for 2 weeks in April 2020. I used a home pregnancy test kit and it came back positive! Mubarak and I couldn’t believe it, he had to make a trip down to the pharmacy to get another test kit. That too came back positive!

We are not worried about visiting the hospital for prenatal check-ups as I feel safe with Singapore’s management of the pandemic. There are Safe Entry check-ins, temperature screenings, mandatory donning of masks, and separate seating among couples put in place to ensure safety for the patients. My husband is allowed to accompany me for the consultations, although he is not able to be with me for certain scans due to safety distancing measures.

For now, I am enjoying the flexibility of work from home (WFH) arrangements as it gives us more time together as a couple before the arrival of our little one in January 2021.

The recent news of the additional one-off $3000 Baby Support Grant comes at this timely juncture to assist couples to proceed with their parenthood aspirations and defray costs in these stressful times. It will apply to all Singaporean babies born from 1st October 2020 to 30th September 2022. Click here for more information.


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