Parenting is all about teamwork


“It’s all about communicating with your spouse and managing your time.”

Ezaline and I have two kids, we had our first, Abby (4) when we were 26 years old and we recently welcomed Bryson (5 months) into our family. We are the typical dual income family and parenting has always been about teamwork, helping each other wherever we each needed. 

While my wife was recuperating at home after a caesarean delivery, I brought Bryson to the polyclinic for his first check-up. When it comes to night feeds, I would change Bryson’s diaper before Ezaline breastfeeds, sometimes I’d bottle feed him if she was too tired. Showering Bryson is an easy routine for me, and I think I’m the only person in the household who swaddles him a lot (I feel he sleeps better when he is swaddled)! 

For Abby, I’m in-charge of sending Abby to school, sometimes my wife would offer to send Abby and on some occasions, we’d go together as a family. 

I don’t think it’s difficult for both parents to be involved when it comes to parenting, it’s all about communicating with your spouse and managing your time. Ultimately, we just need to put in the effort and share the responsibility. 

You’ll see that despite the sleepless nights and struggles, the simple joy of growing together as a family would make the parenthood journey worth it. 


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