My Journey with IVF


I got married in my mid-30s and was looking forward to having children. After a year of trying and failing to conceive naturally, my husband and I we decided to try in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

I had to inject myself with hormones, visit the gynaecologist frequently and go under general anaesthetic to extract the eggs from my ovaries. These eggs were then analysed to assess if they were mature and suitable for IVF. Even after this intricate process, it was possible that some eggs would remain unfertilised.

The emotional stress was great, especially after experiencing seven successive failed IVF attempts. IVF is a physically tough and invasive procedure, and my husband was very supportive throughout. We chose not to wallow in sadness. Instead of looking at what we didn’t have – we decided to do something useful by doing voluntary services.

We decided on one last attempt in 2012 and this eighth IVF attempt was successful, I delivered James the following year. 

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