The long road to conception


My husband Nicolas and I got married in 2001. We had always loved children and yearned for a complete family, but unfortunately, that proved to be far more difficult than expected.

After being married for five years, we still couldn’t conceive. In 2006, just when we were making plans to visit a gynaecologist, Nicolas received a job opportunity in France. When I eventually joined him there, I needed to focus on mastering the language and adjusting to the new lifestyle and home. As such, our baby-making plans were put on hold.

By 2008, I was already 33. My biological clock was ticking, so we knew we had to renew our baby-making efforts. Our search for a fertility clinic in France didn’t culminate in success; so we decided to try IVF based on a gynaecologist’s recommendation. Our first daughter, Kayla, was finally conceived via IVF in 2011.

While we were three months pregnant, we moved back to Singapore and proceeded to go on a holiday right after. I guess overestimating my health and pregnancy resulted in pregnancy complications.

I was almost four months pregnant when we visited the gynaecologist who mentioned that my amniotic fluid level was low. I decided to bed-bound myself and drank at least three litres of water a day (though my gynaecologist mentioned there was no link to more water intake to increasing the amniotic fluid level).

We were very nervous at our next visit, and to our relief and the gynae's surprise, the amniotic fluid level went up! He advised us to continue doing what we were doing and thankfully, Kayla was born healthy.

When Kayla was slightly older, we thought “maybe it’s time we gave Kayla a sibling”. So we tried to conceive naturally, but again, nothing happened.  We decided to try IVF once more, and it was also in our favour as the government increased the subsidies for IVF.  To our delight, we were blessed to conceive Klaire via IVF and she was born in March 2015. 


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