I'm A Stay-At-Home-Dad


"Being a stay-at-home dad has changed my outlook in life"

I was a trader for 15 years, and was really invested in my career – I was even monitoring trades on my laptop in the hospital room when my wife, Caylee, was in labour. However, when our first child, Kai, was born, my priorities drastically changed. I told Caylee that I wanted to try and take care of our new baby – and she agreed.

I became a full-time stay-at-home dad, while Caylee returned to her job as a marketing manager. I soon found myself doing everything from changing nappies to chores such as cleaning. It was challenging at first – being a parent is really one of toughest jobs on earth!

But I’m not doing it solo – Caylee shoulders the load in the evenings when she returns home from work, and on weekends. In fact, she probably has it tougher than me as she has to juggle both career and family. Our parents are also very willing to help when needed – they come over often and share lots of useful tips.

We have two kids now, aged 4 and 1, and the arrangement hasn’t changed – I’m still the one at home and Caylee is still the one at work. It’s a constant learning process for both of us, and we’re always trying to improve. Personally, being a stay-at-home dad has changed my outlook in life. I value spending time with my kids, nurturing them, and hopefully becoming best friends with them. It’s family first for me now.


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