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I conceived and miscarried


"We conceive naturally in February 2019, but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage two months later."

Not long after Samuel and I got married in 2015, we actively started trying for a baby.

We tried for 1.5 years but to no avail, so Samuel suggested that we both go for a fertility health check – which we had learned about from I Love Children’s Know Your Fertility Wellness campaign in 2018.

I wasn’t very keen at first – my menstrual cycle was regular, so I was certain that there was nothing wrong with me. However, I eventually warmed to the idea.

When the test results came back, we discovered that while my progesterone levels were normal, Samuel exhibited signs of teratozoospermia – a condition characterised by the presence of sperm with abnormal morphology (or shape).

However, our doctor assured us that there was no need for treatment, as most men with similar conditions had gone on to achieve successful pregnancies.

We eventually managed to conceive naturally in February 2019, but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage two months later.

Far from being discouraged, we took heart in the fact that we are able to conceive naturally, despite our fertility issues. In fact, we are currently trying for a baby again, and hope to have two to three children in future.

While the teratozoospermia ultimately didn’t prevent us from conceiving, we highly recommend that couples go for fertility health checks, especially if they’ve been trying for children for some time* without any results.

Many things need to align before a pregnancy can happen; instead of guessing, the surest way is to get checked. And after all, seeing a doctor doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong – but it can go a long way in giving you peace of mind.

*If you are 35 and below and have been trying actively to conceive between six to 12 months without success, please seek the advice of your gynaecologist.


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