I Almost Miscarried Again


I have two daughters with my ex-husband, I had my eldest – who is now an undergraduate – when I was 20 years old. 

When I remarried in 2013 to my husband, Christian, we decided to try for a child. I knew the challenges I would face trying to conceive in my late 30s, even though I had two children before in my previous marriage. I wanted to experience the joy of mothering a little one again.

Understandably, the journey wasn’t at all easy, at seven weeks; the fetus had no heartbeat resulting in us, miscarrying our first baby.  It was an absolutely devastating moment.

Heartbreak struck again in 2016, when I nearly miscarried twice during our second pregnancy – once in the first and the other in the second trimester.

I was on hospital leave for 30 days and had to take hormones to stabilise my pregnancy.

My husband proved to be a great pillar of support, constantly checking in on me several times a day and rushing back home to take care of me after work.

I was filled with fear, but steadfastly believed that this time, my baby would be born healthy.

I also made it a point to keep active throughout the pregnancy by teaching and practising Pilates and Barre up till 37 weeks (with my gynae’s approval, of course!).

Fortunately, we delivered our happy and healthy baby boy, Kristoff, on 13 January and in a few month’s time, we’ll be celebrating his second birthday.

My advice for parents who are going through what I did is to relax and have faith in the journey, and don’t let the stress get to you.

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