Grandpa of 11 at 62


I have been a grandpa since the age of 53, and I’ve enjoyed this title ever since. I’m glad to see my next generation in place, and our children are able to raise happy children of their own. Of course, it’s also nice to enjoy fun and games with the young ones as they make me all energetic again!

Amazingly, all three of my children married at 24, which in this day and age is considered young. But I’m not complaining as they have blessed me with 11 grandchildren (between six months to 9 years). 

While my two daughters and daughter-in-law are homemakers, grandma and I babysit them when the need arises. We enjoy bringing the kids out to parks, pools and playgrounds. We also have dinner together on weekends and it becomes a rowdy affair when we eat out. We get the occasional stares (of amusement) when we eat at food courts but I’m secretly quite pleased with them! 

While there’s plenty of fun being with my grandchildren, I feel it’s also important to enforce discipline, especially during their formative years. I tell them off firmly when they exhibit unacceptable behaviour; non-verbal cues, such as a stare or a shake of the head, are also effective means. 

Of course, I recognise I am only a stand-in authority figure, and their parents are the permanent disciplinarians. Thankfully, they share the same philosophy when it comes to bringing up children, so they feel secure about my contributions. 

I’m enjoying every bit of being a grandpa. I believe the smaller the age gap, the lesser the generational divide. This also means I am expected have more energy to keep up with my grandchildren! 


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