From colleagues to soulmates


In 2008, Jing and I met as colleagues working at the same company. Little did we know that we would eventually end up getting married five years later!

Initially, we didn’t get many chances to speak to each other, as we were in different departments. In fact, I actually didn’t take much notice of her at first – to me, she was just the girl working quietly in a corner of the office.

However, as Christmas was just around the corner, my colleagues urged me to ask her out in the spirit of fun.

One month later, I caved in and made the first move. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered that Jing is someone who is well-organised and thoughtful, always putting others first.

When we first started going out, it did feel slightly awkward in the office, as the spotlight was always on us.

Thankfully, both our co-workers and bosses alike were supportive of our relationship – in fact, the company’s just like one big family, really!

Five years later, I popped the question, and we’ve been happily married ever since; we’re now even expecting our first child together.

I left the company last year to pursue another opportunity, but I thank my lucky stars that Jing and I crossed paths there.

Dating a colleague is never easy, especially if both parties are working in the same department, as personal disagreements may sometimes affect your professional relationship.

However, as what I always tell people around me, “if you never try, you will never know”.

If you think that your colleague may be The One, then go ahead and take the first step!

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