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3 times pregnant in a year


"Thank goodness one pregnancy made it to full term."

My husband and I have always wanted to have another child after we had Ariel in 2014, so we decided to try for baby number 2 in January 2018. 

We tracked our ovulation date and even used an ovulation kit to confirm that I was ovulating, we tried and hit the jackpot! Or so we thought... 

We had a scan at 7 weeks based on our calculation and those dreaded words "There is a sac, but I can't find the baby" poured out of the doctor's mouth. I refused to believe the doctor and requested for another scan to be done in 2 weeks. That fateful day came...and the doctor confirmed that I had a blighted ovum (a fertilised egg that implants itself in the uterus but doesn't become an embryo. The placenta and embryonic sac form, but remains empty).

It was heartbreaking, I never knew this could happen to me! I opted for a natural miscarriage just to have the feeling that I was pregnant. We had the miscarriage in April. 

We tried again in August, I got pregnant very easily, did a scan at 7 weeks and... again... another blighted ovum which we miscarried naturally in early October. 

We weren't actively trying and to our surprise, we conceived in November. At our first ultrasound scan, I felt nervous for fear that history would repeat itself, then... the sonographer asked "Do you see this little spot? That's your baby's heart beating." I was so overwhelmed with joy that tears fell uncontrollably! 

Today, we have a healthy baby Iris who was born on August 2019 and we are very sure Ariel and Iris are going to be the best of friends. 


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