Your child will be learning, adapting and growing quickly. Every few months marks a new milestone for development and will bring about some exciting new changes. Of course, every child will develop at a slightly different rate from his or her peers. The following is a rough guide on what to expect as your child grows:


 Birth to Three Months


Babies will be able to recognise their parents’ faces by about six weeks old. Between six and eight weeks old, babies will start making more noises – they may coo and chuckle and cry.


 Three to Six Months


Your baby will show more interest in toys and may start grabbing hold of them and putting them in his or her mouth. He or she will learn to make even more noises and will start to laugh more.


 Six to Nine Months


Between the six and nine months, your baby will start to make attempts at crawling or shuffling. Their ability to make sounds will continue to improve and they will try and imitate the sounds you make. They can now sit up without any support and by nine months, you may observe your baby trying to pull himself or herself up into a standing position.


 Nine to 12 Months


Between nine and 12 months, you baby will try standing up on their own and attempt to start walking. Do note that some babies may not walk fully until the age of 18 months. They also learn to throw things and point at objects. They will babble quite a fair bit as they try out new words and sounds – including simple ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.


One thing to note is that babies will start to know which people are familiar and may experience anxiety when their caregiver is out of sight.


 12 To 18 Months


Between the age of 12 and 18 months, the child will be exploring the environment. They will want to touch and feel objects and they will be showing different emotions more and will have a strong attachment to their parents.


By 18 months, a toddler will start to walk although their sense balance may still need a bit more practice. They will be able to climb onto low furniture and items, pick up small objects and push along toys on wheels.


 18 Months And 2 Years


By this stage, toddlers would have been able to recognise between 20 and 50 key words. Their listening skills have improved vastly and they will start to string words together to form short phrases and sentences. They will start to express themselves more and tell you what they want.


Toddlers will also enjoy playing on their own and near other children, although they may not be want to share toys or take turns to play. They will be keen to explore everything, including doors, drawers, buttons and other objects, so ensure dangerous items such as knives are kept away from their curious hands. Their sense of balance is much better and will be able to run without falling.

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