It was a dilemma for Sharon See, 28, when she reached her third trimester. Being one of the first among her peers to be pregnant, she could not find any answer among friends to help her make up her mind.


“I was seriously at a cross road. I did not want to give up my career; but at the same time, I did not want to leave my baby in the care of someone else, even though it was my mom-in-law,” says Sharon.


In the end, she decided to go back to work and give herself a ‘testing’ period of six months. But she found it difficult as her boss expected her to put in the same punishing hours as before, like working overtime and weekends.


“The weekend work was really distracting as I could not concentrate, thinking of my little baby at home, without his mummy,” recalls Sharon.


Finally, after a heart-to-heart talk with her supportive husband, she decided to quit her job and stay home. Sharon says, “It was a relief when I tended my resignation, because I knew that deep down, I wanted to stay home and give my all to my family. Of course, I was still open to opportunities when they do come by.”


Today, Sharon is a happy working mum of three children between the ages of two and nine. She found a job that gave her the flexibility to work from home on some of the days.


She says, “I’m fortunate to be working in this environment as I have the support from my boss and employer. They believe for a worker to be productive, they must first feel that their home front is taken care of. Then they will have the peace of mind to work.”

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