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Congratulations on taking the next big step in life, marriage! We’ve curated some useful and couple-friendly resources for you. 

Fertility wellness 
In recent years, there has been an increase in fertility awareness among couples, but there is still this question of “How do I start?”, so here are some fertility-related resources to check out: 

10 Interesting Sperm Facts To Know 
Did you know, it is normal to have 90% of sperm cells produced by the average male to be defective? Click here for more fun facts on sperm.

10 Interesting facts about ovaries 
Did you know, there is such a thing as ovulation pain? Click here for more fun facts on ovaries.

Experience sharing: Questions that come after marriage 
Join Patrina as she shares questions she is asked as a newlywed in this blog entry.

6 Places To Go For A Fertility Health Check In Singapore  
It is never too early to understand your fertility wellness. Click on this link to check out 6 places to go for a fertility health check.

Experience sharing: What happens during the fertility health check 
Join Chloe and her husband Ben as they share their fertility health check experience in this blog entry.

Fertility Support Group 
If you are trying to conceive and would like to join a fertility support group for peer support, consider joining I Love Children’s Fertility Support Group Singapore on Facebook. We have a panel of fertility experts who can answer your fertility questions too!

Other useful links and articles

Pregnant? Now What?
Click here for a summarised guide to subsidised or private prenatal care in a government-restructured hospital.

Baby is here, now what?
Adjusting to having a newborn at home can be overwhelming, click here for a guide to newborn care.

Made For Families
Click here are some links and contacts you may find helpful in your marriage and parenthood journey!

Families for Life
Click here for links that will come in handy for your family.


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