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The No.1 enemy that prevents busy urban couples from having more couple time is tiredness. Learn how to combat this by managing your time well:


• Plan ahead
Planning is a powerful key to fulfilling sexual intimacy. Schedule sex into your calendar: the air of anticipation can be powerfully arousing for both parties. Or how about taking half a day off work midweek and enjoying some private time when everyone else is in the office?


• Be flexible
Sometimes making changes to your routine can open up opportunities, for example, morning sex might work out better than bedtime sex, simply because you have had a good night’s rest.


• Work smart
Cut down time-wasting activities like constant checking of e-mail or random web surfing at work. Learn to prioritise your to-do list and get the most difficult task out of the way first, so whatever that comes next will just gets easier.


• Learn to say no
When work commitment or projects encroach on your couple time, you need to learn to say no – explain that you would love to help but you can’t because you already planned for time with your spouse.

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