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For most couples, there’s no need to get a second job to earn enough to have a baby if you plan your savings and expenditure wisely, and learn to ask for help (and free stuff).


But if finances are really tight for you, or you intend to be a stay-home parent and earn some extra money while taking care of baby, here are some ways you can supplement your income:


• Writing and editing: Freelance writing and editing allows you to work at your own time and in your own home; so you can care for your baby while working.


• Online sales: If you have a knack for creating beautiful handicrafts, you can put them online for sale. The beauty of online businesses is that they don’t need much time or money to maintain – perfect for busy parents.


• Designing: if you have a talent for graphic design, the nature of design work also allows you to work from home and send drafts over e-mail to clients for approval.

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