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Stress can lead to infertility. In women, stress can cause menstruation to become irregular and sometimes even stop. In men, stress is associated with erectile dysfunction (impotence) and reduced sperm count and quality. Stress can also suppress sexual desire and reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse.


Utilising effective stress management techniques is essential to minimising the impact of stress on you which in turn will ensure you are relaxed and able to conceive easily. Remember, everyone is unique and react to situations differently, so be easy on yourself.


Some suggestions to manage stress:

  • Regular exercise
  • Good diet - eat when you are hungry - enjoy your food
  • Time out for meditation or daydreaming
  • Reduce unnecessary tasks / activities in your schedule
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Read a good book
  • Watch funny movies
  • Seek help from supportive, positive friends and avoid those who are negative or want to share their horror stories.
  • Treat yourself: massage, acupuncture, reflexology, facial, or whatever works for you

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