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The art of having more money starts with spending wisely. Here’s how you can be a money-savvy mum or dad:


• Curb impulse purchases on baby attire


Babies outgrow clothes, shoes and other baby products at an alarming rate. No matter how cute they look, curb the impulse to buy these products – especially since you are going to receive many of these at the baby shower anyway. Better still, ask for hand-me-downs from family and friends.


• Buy in bulk


Stock up on items that your baby will require in large quantities. For example, jumbo sized diapers packs are usually a better deal than standard sized ones. Baby wipes in multi-packs are cheaper than single pack ones.


• Make your own baby food


It costs far less to make those little jars of baby food than you think. Invest in a small food processor, pop in fresh fruits and vegetables and you can puree your own baby food right at home – freshness guaranteed.


• Go for house brand or generic brand products


Are the branded stuff really worth it? Test your favourite brands against house brands or generic brands. Chances are, you will likely find little difference.


• Buy second-hand


If you spend some time to research and look around, you can find second-hand baby gear and products that are still in good condition, be it at flea markets, ebay or online forums. Take advantage of the substantial discounts to save money but as far as possible, always ask to examine the product before paying to ensure that it is in good condition (i.e. safe for baby to use).


• Buy versatile furniture


Baby furniture is expensive, if you absolutely need to fork out money to get, say a baby crib; get one that can be converted into a kid bed later.

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