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A 4-Part Series By Mandy Loh
Hiring A Stay-In Nanny

Thinking of starting a family? Or expecting your bundle of joy soon? If so, the issue of childcare arrangements must have come up at some point in time. Maybe Baby spoke to 4 real-life moms who had chosen 4 different childcare options, and asked them to share their thoughts and experiences.


Linda (not her real name) works at a foreign bank, and is a mother of two young children. Her daughter is 2 ½ years old, and her son is 8 months old. She and her husband decided to hire a full-time stay-in nanny to care for their children. They have had this arrangement since the birth of their first child.


What were the main reasons for you deciding on hiring a stay-in nanny?

Both the hubby and I work full-time and our work requires us to work late and travel at times. We needed someone we can trust to stay at home with the kids. Given that our parents are not staying in the same country and we are not entirely comfortable entrusting our babies to foreign maids without supervision, we were very keen to have a local stay-in nanny to care for our kids. We were very to find such a suitable nanny.


What do you like most about having a stay-in nanny?

We can be completely at ease that our children are well taken care of. Having a stay-in nanny is truly convenient – we do not need to rush to drop our kids off at a childcare centre. Most importantly, knowing that our kids are in an environment that is safe and clean really puts us at ease.


What do you like least about it?

Having a stay-in local nanny is costly, but this is a cost that we gladly fork out as it gives us the peace of mind that our kids are getting the best care we can give them (short of mummy leaving her job, hehe!) Under our nanny's care, our kids are clean, well-fed, stimulated (through games/ books/songs) and most importantly, happy and contented!


Was this your first-choice childcare option? If not, what other childcare option would you have preferred? Or which other childcare options had come a close second, if any?

Getting a nanny was always our first choice. We did consider engaging a foreign domestic helper initially but decided against it due to past experiences.


From your experience, do you have any tips/words of advice to other parents-to-be who might be considering hiring a stay-in nanny?

We received a lot of surprise reactions from friends when they find out how much we are paying our nanny. This is not a cheap option. However, having an older, local nanny adds stability to the household and we are able to entrust our kids to her with peace of mind. For us, having the nanny to care for our children was one of the best decisions we have made.


Financially, if you have 2 or more young kids taken care of by a nanny, the cost works out to be about the same as that of full-day institutional care.


Maybe Baby would like to thank Linda for sharing her thoughts and experiences of hiring a stay-in nanny, and wish her and her family all the best!


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