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Questions on how TCM can boost fertility that were not answered during Know Your Fertility Wellness Seminar on 10 March 2023? Ms Seah Ai Wei , TCM Physician, Head of Thomson Chinese Medicine answers those questions in this article.

1. Will acupuncture be effective without taking herbs for fertility?

During the first consultation, your physician will conduct a pulse & tongue diagnosis, understand more about your medical history, lifestyle & diet to assess your physical constitution. Thereafter, he or she will advise you on what treatment modalities are most suited for you based on the assessment done.

2. Can acupuncture and TCM medicine help to remove fibroids?

Not always, please consult your doctor and/or TCM Physician for the best treatment approach.

3. Is it true that if I have ovarian cyst, I should not take Dong Quai if I want to get pregnant?

Dang Gui might act like estrogen so if you have a condition that might be worsened by estrogen, then is best to avoid.

4. I am on TCM medications for around 2 months now and have been charting my body basal temperature. The doctor said I have low BBT (first 15days of menstrual cycle is 35.8-36.2 and last 11-12 days is around 36.6-36.8) and recommend to fix this issue before trying IUI as it will affect implantation chance. Will low BBT affect implantation or mean sign of any fertility issue?

Your physician could be concerned about low progesterone levels that can make natural conception more difficult and cause a higher risk of miscarriage.

5. Is it true that bathing in cold water would improve male fertility?

Not proven.

6. My husband and I tried 1 round of fresh and frozen cycle of IVF in govt hospital but we did not succeed. Should we try TCM instead?

You can speak to a qualified TCM Physician to understand how TCM can help complement your IVF treatment or/and support fertility by balancing out any disharmonies in the body.

7. What type of Chinese herbs can increase the chance of getting pregnant (for both husband and wife)?

Chinese Herbs are dispensed according to patient’s unique constitution, so it is a unique blend for everyone.

8. If we would like to try TCM to boost fertility and support overall health, on top of acupuncture, is there anything that we can incorporate in our daily cooking (e.g. herbal soup)

You can try herbal soups that support Digestive and/or Kidney functions (available in TCM retail shops or medical halls).

9. Is tea too cooling for females?

One cup a day might not be cooling to most, but those with a “cold” constitution should abstain.

10. What are things to eat for blocked fallopian tubes?

If blockage is due to inflammation, can consider increasing foods that are anti-inflammatory such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

11. Does blood letting/ cupping help with fertility?

Only for patients with stagnated energy/blood flow.

12. Does womb massage help in improving chances of pregnant?

Not proven but generally a safe therapy if done by experienced masseurs.

13. How can TCM use to increase my low sperm count?

By enhancing the “Kidney” function, example boosting Kidney Yin to increase semen volume and Kidney Yang to improve sperm motility.

14. Is drinking too much soya bean bad for females with PCOS?

Generally, soy is not avoided in PCOS patients.  

15. What should vegetarian eaters eat while trying to conceive?

High protein and iron-rich food.

16. Must I stop eating all raw food if I’m trying to conceive? Or only stop when I’m pregnant or after ovulation?

Raw food is considered “cooling” or “cold”, so is best to reduce intake when trying to conceive.

17. In TCM point of view, I always wash my hair at night, is it ok? Does it affect the womb?

Washing hair at night has no direct impact on fertility.

18. Is Bazhen tang suitable for those with ovarian cyst?

Chinese Medicine is dispensed according to patient’s constitution, and not the condition. Hence, always check with a qualified TCM Physician before you self-medicate.

19. Does TCM help to regulate period and improve ovulation?

Yes, these are treatment objectives when using TCM to conceive.

20. What is the estimated duration of each TCM consultation with acupuncture?

60-90 minutes.

21. Can acupuncture help to improve sperm quality and quantity? Where would they poke the needles?

Acupuncture could be a viable treatment to improve sperm quality. Acupoints are mostly located on the abdomen, lower back and legs.

22. Are Chinese medication given in powder or capsules? Is cooking of Chinese herbs require?\

Our clinics dispense Chinese Medicine in powder, pills and capsules (no brewing required).

23. Is there food to avoid when taking Chinese medication?

We advise maintaining a 2-hour interval with milk, caffeine and fresh fruits. Your physician might advise you to stay away from certain foods due to your constitution.

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