You are due to go on maternity leave in a few weeks time. But before that, ensure that you have done a proper handover of all your projects before you go on leave so you can enjoy your impending motherhood in peace.


Here’s a checklist to help you plan for your maternity leave:


1. Has the replacement been trained? Or if there’s no replacement, have you briefed your colleagues on your projects?


Depending on your boss, he or she may arrange to have a temp staff to take over your work while you are on leave, or have your colleagues take on your projects in your absence.


Either way, make it a point to find out whether you are expected to train your replacement or your colleagues to take over your responsibilities.


2. Have you informed your contacts and clients?


Your contacts and clients will need to be informed about how long you will be away and who will be taking over your projects during your absence.


Remember to set your out-of-office notice on your e-mail and voicemail, including the length of your absence, when you will be back and the contact number of the staff who will be covering you.


3. Have your passed the necessary files and materials to your covering officer?


Start organising your files, e-mails, reports and other documents early, and label them clearly. If you intend to bring your laptop home, copy the pertinent files onto a CD-ROM or external hard disk and pass these to your covering officer.


If you have a particular way of naming documents or filing, it would be helpful to tell your covering officer in advance so he or she knows how to locate information on the CD-ROM or hard disk.


4. Have you packed your personal belongings?


Bearing in mind you will be away for an extended period of time, arrange to take personal items and valuables home ahead of time.

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