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For new mums, the prospect of returning to work after giving birth can be a struggle.


On one hand, you may look forward to returning to the familiar schedule of working life – meetings, discussions and lunching with colleagues. On the other hand, you find it hard to tear yourself away from your newborn baby.


Here are some tips to deal with back-to-work jitters:


1. Dress your best to give you the confidence you need.


2. Take time to get used to working life and update yourself on workplace news, especially after you have been on maternity leave for a few months.

3. Discuss with your boss on changes in schedule and your concerns. For example, you may need an additional 15minutes after lunchtime to express breast milk, or may need urgent leave from work.


4. Deal with the guilt of leaving your baby with caregivers.


5. Make calls home to check on baby if you need to.


6. Keep work and family time separate.

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