Here are some quick tips to increase your chances of conception:


• Start early. Studies show that lower sexual drive and erectile dysfunction are more common in older men. In addition, risks of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities in babies, including autism, increases with paternal age.


• Determine your most fertile time and make your vaginal environment as sperm-friendly as possible. Avoid vaginal sprays and scented tampons, artificial lubricants and douching.


• If you have been using contraceptives, wait for a few months after you have stopped taking it before trying to get pregnant, as it may take several months to a year for your cycle to get back on track.


• For men, wear boxer shorts for a healthy sperm count and avoid steam rooms, hot tubs and saunas. This is because exposure to high heat kills healthy sperm and results in decreased sperm production, so avoid wearing tight underwear and trousers.


• Try to keep sex fun and have intercourse on your fertile days using the missionary positions. Lying down for a while after intercourse increases the chances of conception.


• Do not consume alcohol as this would affect your fertility. Similarly, smoking and taking drugs are connected to low birth weight babies, miscarriage and other complications.

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