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I wanted children the moment I got married. I thought it would take only one or at the most, two years before I had a child of my own but who knew it turned out to be such a long wait? I’m already 38 years old this year and finally two months pregnant.


I have seen many doctors in order to get pregnant, including some Chinese physicians that recommended herbal remedies. Some of the past doctors said that my womb was too low and some, I felt on hindsight, did not check my problem thoroughly and put me through 2 In Vitro Fertilisation programmes. None of them was successful.


I was about to give up when my neighbour recommended her doctor to me. I heard about her success story and decided go for a thorough checkup with this doctor. At that point, my husband and I decided to give ourselves two more years to try for a baby. Despite having tried for so many years, we were still not prepared to give up as we wanted to be sure we gave it our best shot. I want to have kids because I’ve always loved children. Sometimes, when I help to look after my neighbour’s kids. I would think to myself how nice it would be to have my own.


I contemplated adoption before, perhaps as a last resort if I really can’t have children of my own. I think it would be unfair to the adopted child if we manage to have biological children after the adoption. So, again, it’s important to be sure that we have tried our very best and exhausted all avenues. Besides, my husband was not too keen on the idea of adoption.


My husband has all along been not as passionate about having a baby as I am. He feels that since he is not the oldest son in his family and that his siblings already have children, the stress is not on him to produce heirs. This is quite good in the sense that we don’t feel pressured by relatives to have children, but I of course, feel differently about the whole situation.


It was a good thing that my husband went with me to visit the new doctor as we found out that he had some slight problems of his own and that we could do something about them. For me, the doctor recommended an operation to remove a cyst from my womb and flush my fallopian tubes. I had to learn a few things in order to get pregnant naturally after the operation. The doctor taught me to chart my ovulation cycle so I would know when I ovulated and was fertile. He never once said I could not have children. My problems were just small ones that could be easily corrected, so I needn’t have worried so much if I had known that earlier.


I took up his advice and before I knew it, I got pregnant, very naturally. This process took only about six months and I’m so happy right now. I was actually crying non-stop when the doctor told me I was pregnant. It has been such a long and difficult journey to get pregnant. I’m taking no chances to ensure that my baby is safe. I’m following the doctor’s instructions to the tee - stay at home and rest more, not to eat unhealthy food and so on. I’ve never been more obedient and watchful over myself. The doctor has every reason to be cautious because I put on a lot of weight within weeks of my pregnancy. It is important that I control my diet I’ve stopped eating oily hawker food.


Looking back, I did not regret spending the time and effort trying to get pregnant as that was what I really wanted. I also learnt that it is important for the man to be involved in the whole process. My husband and I worked together to conceive this baby.


Extracted from “Beautiful Wonderful Baby”

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