Introducing the winners of I Love Children Singapore Facebook Father’s Day Giveaway, sharing their appreciation to the dads in their lives:

Low Wai Ling to her husband, Chung Kern:

“One of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life was to walk down the aisle with you. 

When I told you that I was pregnant, you were so happy that you are going to be a father for life. 
You told me I was beautiful when I grumbled about my stretch marks.

In the labour room, you held my hands and told me you love me and how much you appreciated me for making you a father.

Now, you are a hands-on daddy who puts us first. 

I had no father growing up and never knew what a father’s love was. But deep in my heart, I knew that I have chosen the right daddy for our little girl and the right man to call my hubby.” 

Noorsyahidah to her father, Jumat Hamid:
“Like father, like daughter, we both tend to be fun, friendly, sociable and emotionally expressive, and cheerful!

P.s. My dad is behind the mask! Jolly sporting indeed!

To the most generous bank I know, the cheapest handyman, the most effective spider hunter and the best chauffeur! Happy Father's Day!”


Jason Chew to his dad, Peter Chew:

“My dad is someone with little words but he shows his support, care and concern through actions. 

He worked hard and provided for the family as a sole breadwinner, he also look after my aunt and grandma who were staying with us since we were young. 

He's my greatest support in life and he's the reason why I am able to form a family at a young age. 

I'm grateful for everything he has done for me and my family. I love you, papa.” 


Genevieve Lim to her dad, Kelvin:

My dad is awesome because he has always been supportive in whatever decisions we’ve made in life. 

He is my pillar of support and he is my hero. His love is selfless and I am not ashamed to call him my Daddy. 

When I was in P1, I was bullied by a boy who poured orange juice on my shoes, my dad went down the next day and gave the boy a warning and told him never to bully me again…At that moment, I felt so proud to be his daughter and my heart said "that’s my dad!" Thank you Daddy, I love you! 


Mandy Chee to her husband, Alex:

“You are a great father and loving husband. You play like a kid, give advice like a friend and protect us like a personal bodyguard! Happy Father’s Day!”

I Love Children bloggers also shared their appreciation to the dads in their lives

Nicholas Quek to his father, Aik Wu:

"My dad has visited my bedridden grandmother almost every other day for the past 5-6 years. 

Firsthand I've seen what filial piety and compassion looks like, and through him the idea of love has taken on a new dimension for me. Hope that when that day comes I will love him in the same way and more. 

Have a blessed Father's Day dad :)" 


Mandy Loh to her husband, Tim:

“Tim is real-life superhero without the silly cape and mask. 

He’ll swoop in at the right time to save the day when there are major disasters, such as diaper blow-outs, or puke all over the car seat. 

When Daddy's on duty, it means kids get to do all their favourite things: McDonald's breakfast, TV all afternoon, and ice cream treats! No prizes for guessing who's the favourite parent after all that!

Happy Father's Day, my darling hubby! Thanks for being an awesome Daddy!”


Flora Isabelle to her son Nate and husband, Garry:

“I never knew how much I loved your father until I saw how much he loves you"

I don't say it enough but thanks for being such an awesome Dad and Husband. For waking up with me when he wakes up at night "so I don't suffer alone", for making sure I never ever go hungry no matter what and for always wanting the best for Nate, and me.

Happy First Father's Day!”


Tan Li Lin to her husband, Ronald:

"I love you because you're loving and responsible and you've got a heart of gold, but more than all of these I love you because you make this journey worth it. 

The struggles, the conflicts, the bumps we work through bring us closer and wiser. I'm proud of the Father you are for Lia, and I know she'll be proud to have you as her Dad. 

Happy father's day Ronald!" 

I Love Children would like to wish all dads a Happy Father's Day!

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