Challenging as it may be, the joy of parenthood far outweighs the struggles along the way.


To have children is one of life’s greatest decisions because it shifts everything – from your personal universe to relationships and even to careers. So why do we do it? Why do we take such a big risk? Is it so fulfilling to become parents?


For Janaine Ong, 35, mother of two, being a mother brings immeasurable joy: “To hug, feel, touch and watch them everyday as they grow, is one of life’s greatest joy. My children are the physical oxygen of my life”.


Like many parents, she and hubby looked forward to having children and were mentally prepared to make any adjustments necessary to accommodate them.


“My daughters are the essences of my life – when I feel depressed or frightened, I just need to think of them to find a reason for me to want to stay alive,” says Huimin, 35.


Not having given parenthood much thought before, her twin daughters arrived as a surprise. “The thought of having children was so far from our minds, we were totally caught off-guard,” she recalls.


While they struggled for months after the babies came, now looking back, she happily admits that it’s all a blessing.


“Having children makes us better people,” says Jovi Seet, 34, a father of one. He says: “Through my son, I see myself growing up and I want to teach him everything that I know so that he will always do the right things.


“In that way I am relearning everything again, and always showing the best side in myself so I can be a good example to him. Doesn’t that bring out the best in me?”


Watching her son grow and learn each day is a humbling process for Joyce Long, 35, mother of one.


“I’ve grown to appreciate my parents so much more after seeing how much love and care and time you need to lavish on a child. And watching him grow and learn makes me realise that they have spent so much time and efforts to raise me up to be the adult that I am today. That is very sobering indeed,” she adds.


And parenthood was a natural progression for stay-at-home mom Ivy Ong, 35, a mother of two. She says: “At 27, I was done with all the traveling, shopping and partying. Everything was going well in our marriage, and the natural step ahead was to move on to parenthood.


“We didn’t really know then, what it was all about, but I always knew I wanted to be a mother. And what a great job that is – being a parent.”

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