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Hoping to get pregnant during your next romantic holiday, or “conceptionmoon”? Boost your chances of conceiving with our eight useful tips!

Time your getaway during ovulation
This is probably the most important factor for a successful conceptionmoon. Plan your holiday when you or your wife is likely to be most fertile – that is, the six-day period that ends on the day of ovulation itself. If marking your calendars seems like too much work, download useful apps like Period Tracker to help you keep tabs on fertility cycles. You can also purchase an ovulation predictor kit from pharmacies, or online stores.


Prepare a romantic goodie bag
Setting is key, and it never hurts to have the right tools at hand! Pack conception aids like candles, massage oil, lubricants, sexy lingerie, a music player filled with jazzy tunes, and even sex toys like vibrators to spice things up and create an intimate atmosphere.


Avoid the sauna…
…and the Jacuzzi, onsen and other hot tubs, for that matter. Studies suggest that immersion in these heated environments might bring about lower sperm count for males, as excessive heat can interfere with sperm production. While the results aren’t conclusive, it’s better to err on the side of caution, we say!


Load up on aphrodisiacs
Eat up to get in the mood for love! Foods like chocolate, avocado and honey boost energy and feel-good hormones like dopamine, while oysters trigger the production of testosterone, which in turn increases sex drive. Chilli peppers also stimulate nerve endings and improve blood circulation.


Cut back on the alcohol…
Studies show that drinking more than two glasses of alcohol per day can impair female fertility by nearly 60%. So if you’re trying to pop a bun in the oven, remember that moderation is key. Drink only enough to get you in the mood for some lovemaking!


…As well as the caffeine
Excessive caffeine, too, has been shown to affect female fertility by affecting how the muscles in the fallopian tubes work, and causing hormone levels to fluctuate. Once again, study results haven’t been conclusive, but it’s generally considered safe to consume 200mg of caffeine or less per day – that’s about two regular cups of joe.


Stress is one of the biggest inhibitors of conception, as it wreaks havoc on hormones and menstrual cycles. Stop checking your email every hour, or worrying about the growing pile of work on your office desk; instead, just sit back, relax and enjoy some much-deserved quality time with your partner.


Choose your destination wisely
Reconnect with your other half at a destination that’s conducive to relaxation and romance – so we’d recommend an island or beach getaway, instead of a city break. However, your destination of choice should also have plenty of fun activities for both of you to participate in – spending all your time in the bedroom can make you feel stressed out about baby-making, and do more harm than good! Here are our top picks for an affordable romantic getaway:



Photo by: Creative Commons

The Island of the Gods is one of the most popular places in the world for a romantic getaway, and it’s easy to see why – from awe-inspiring temples to picturesque beaches and lush forests, the island is a feast for the senses. Get your blood pumping with adventure activities like scuba diving and canyoning, before exploring beautiful sites like Uluwatu Temple, which is perched atop a steep cliff, with sweeping views of the sea. Then, wind down with a romantic multi-course dinner on the beaches of Canggu and Jimbaran, or even amidst the rice fields of Ubud.

How much: Hop on a budget carrier to Bali for as little as S$166 during the low season.



Photo by: Creative Commons

Tripzilla named Boracay’s White Beach the Most beautiful beaches in Asia in 2023, and for good reason – the 4km stretch of paradise boasts sands that are incredibly fine, and waters that are unbelievably clear. You and your partner can frolic on the beach and have a splashin’ good time, before drinking in gorgeous views of the sunset together. If you want to escape the crowds, consider checking out lesser-known beaches like Puka Beach and Diniwid Beach – they’re smaller and quieter, but no less beautiful.

How much: Fly from Singapore to Kalibo for as low as S$272. From Kalibo, it’s a short bus and ferry ride to Boracay.


Telunas Private Island

Photo by: Telunas Resorts


At this private island in the Riau Archipelago – less than three hours away from Singapore by boat – you and your spouse can luxuriate in a gorgeous overwater villa while enjoying panoramic views of the ocean. There are only 15 villas in total, so you’re guaranteed maximum privacy. Plus, you can further up the romance stakes by requesting for a personalised massage on your own veranda, or arranging for a candlelight dinner on the beach. Do note that WiFi isn’t available on the island, so take a much-needed break from social media and focus on reconnecting with your partner instead!

How much: From S$321 per night; book at telunasresorts.com.


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