Need to get into the mood for some loving? These might do the trick:


• Courtesy begins with me


Research has identified a consistent trait of loving marriages: Courtesy! So treat your spouse with consideration, and kill that harsh word or sarcastic remark. It makes easing into “that lovin’ feeling” later on, much easier.


• Set the stage


Emotional intimacy is a prelude to sexual intimacy, especially for women. When she feels understood, supported and valued, it will naturally lead feeling closer to her spouse and being eager for physical intimacy. Set the stage by having a relaxing conversation over dinner or simply cuddling together.


• Expand your definition of sex


Sexual intimacy is not just about vaginal penetration. Expand the definition of sex to include other options that might be just as comfortable and fulfilling, such as sensual massages. Emphasise on pleasure, not just on achieving orgasm.


• Don’t get fixated on baby-making


It is ironic, but often couples who are planning for a baby find themselves stressed out trying to conceive, so pleasure becomes the last thing they think about. Relax and have fun!


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