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I Love Children warmly welcome all SG50 mothers to this amazing journey of a lifetime, called Motherhood. This gift we call ‘a Child’ unwraps itself over a lifetime. Raising one is truly a labor of love. It is a life-time of ‘work’ laced with moments of joy, apprehension and surprises.

“Being a mother is not about what you give up to have a child, but what you’ve gained from having one.”
- Sunny Gupta


We chat with 3 first-time mothers this Mother’s Day on the beginnings of their adventure.


Firstly, congratulations! How do you feel about your first Mother's Day?



Rain: I’m feeling all excited and looking forward to spending my first Mothers’ Day with my husband and little one - just need to pop the little one out first!


Mary-Ann: It’s going to be my first Mothers’ Day experience with my baby and hubby, and I feel proud to be a mummy. Makes me feel like a female warrior who braved through the emotional war and labour pains, and when baby finally came, she became my pride that I can carry around and show the world that everything I went through, was totally worth it.

Eunice: Scared yet excited, still have so much to learn from my own mum!


What a mix of emotions! Excitement and jitters aside, what is the most priceless thing about Mother's Day?


Rain: Being able to look forward to the birth of my little one, to have her in my arms finally and to watch her grow up (don’t grow up so fast okay?).


Rain Lau - Due anytime now! (As of early May)


Mary-Ann: Having the privilege to experience what it means to have a little human who is dependent on you, who wimps when her diaper is soiled and laughs in delight after you’ve changed her diapers, who tugs your hair and gives you the sweetest smile when you wake up, the youngest in the family yet the one who teaches you life lessons.


How do you plan to celebrate your first Mother's Day this year?


Rain: I’ll be on my confinement then - so, a quiet celebration with all the mummies in the family and little snuggles with my little one.


Eunice: We are going to Perth Australia for a baby-moon. It is our last holiday together, just me and my hubby for quite a long time to com.


Mary-Ann: I plan to have an all-girls outing with my mum, my newly wedded sister, dating sister and daughter. We are going to pamper ourselves with food! My baby will be 6 months old on mothers’ day, so she gets to try some food too! In the evening, hubby, baby and I are going to have a little evening walk (unless hubby has a surprise..*hint*).


On this day, we inevitably think about our mums too and what they went through with us! Any special thoughts or reflections going out to YOUR mum?


Eunice: My mum must really be a super woman. Even with her tiny size, she has accomplished so much - bringing up my brother and me, and giving us a nice and comfortable home to grow up in. I hope to be just like her.


Rain: Now that I am a mummy to be, I appreciate my mother more. I now know what it is like to have a baby growing in me. I’ve yet to experience the labour pains and sleepless nights to come while nursing my newborn and to bring her up. It gives a whole new understanding of mothers and being a mother.


What do you foresee or hope your future Mother's Days to be about as your child grows up?


Eunice: About family, spending time with my baby and hubby.


Eunice - Expecting, with newborn due in October


Rain: Every mother’s day, all I want is a kiss, a hug and a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” from my child, that would make me the most contented person on Earth!


Mary-Ann: Just to see little milestones of my baby each year would make me a happy mum.


What message would you like to convey to your baby this Mother's Day, which he or she will understand 20 years later?


Rain: “Dear baby girl, I hope you grow up to be a darling to everyone. Do the things you love and be happy with what you have achieved in life. If you find that you have not met the expectations you have in life, fret not, mummy believe that you can conquer any challenge. Do your

best and have no regrets.”


Eunice: “Mummy loves you. I hope I have done my best to help you grow up to be a good man.”

Mary-Ann: “Girl, you are the reason I became stronger and more patient, you made Mother’s Day possible for me. And when it is your turn to be a mum one day, you know I’ll be your support team whenever you need me. You will always be my little girl.”


Mary-Ann – mum of newborn (baby 6 months)


Finally, any advice (or hints) to new fathers about what to do on Mother's Day?

Rain: No hints, but I do expect some sweet gestures from my hubby. Hahaa! Flowers or little gifts please, since it is my first mother’s day.


Mary-Ann: I hope my hubby is reading this too, haha! Guys, do something different on Mother’s Day, if your wife cooks dinner every night, take a little time off work and cook a surprise home cook dinner perhaps? Treat her like a queen (if you already do, top it up!). Also, my dear hubby, a leg massage would be nice…yay!


There is so much to gain in this life-changing journey that demands unconditional love, strength and patience. In return, here’s to growth and wisdom and many more smiles and tears of joy.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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