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Thinking up new and fun activities to keep your kids entertained and occupied can be a headache for new mums and dads. Don’t fall into the trap of babysitting your child in front of the TV or computer – with a little bit of creativity, you can make family time fun and educational at the same time.


1. Cooking


Cooking can be great fun for the entire family – if you approach it with a relaxed attitude and don’t mind getting the kitchen messy. Clip and collect easy recipes to try and let your children help out with meal preparation – they can learn about food and have a ball at the same time.


There are also fun recipes that are tailored for kids to try and a search online will turn up plenty of free ideas. Try making cookies, ice cream, sandwiches and other easy-to-prepare foods that kids love.


2. Board and Card Games


Traditional board and card games can be great fun for the entire family or invent your own family board game for added creativity. Games like Pictionary and Scrabble can teach kids about words, shapes and forms; while playing Monopoly is a good way to help kids learn how to manage money.


3. Paper Crafts


Paper crafts such as origami and making paper decorations can be great fun for children. Such activities will help train their patience and focus, and are a good way to keep your children quiet. Paper crafts also encourage kids to be creative and help develop their artistic skills.


4. Exercise Together

A family that exercises together stays to together. Exercising as a family does not mean you need to pay for expensive sports lessons or splurge on costly equipment. Activities such as running, walking, skipping or Frisbee-throwing do not require expensive equipment.


Combine your workouts with a trip to a park or beach, and you can teach your child all about nature while keeping fit.


5. Play with toys


By the time your children get to nursery school, they would have accumulated quite a collection of toys. Set aside time to play with your kids, build Lego castles, hold a toy car racing tournament or enjoy a tea session with the teddy bears and dolls.


Some points to remember when planning family activities:


Avoid Over-scheduling : Be realistic about family activities and commitments and avoid taking on too much. Running from activity to activity just takes the fun out of having fun.


Try New Things – Try out new things and activities to interest your children and add excitement to the traditional habits and routines.

Learn from Other Families - Watch and learn how other families include fun activities into their family lives and adapt them for your own family fun.


Make it a Priority – Make spending family time a priority and learn to balance work and play so no one in the family becomes a dull Jack or Jill.

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