For a woman, being pregnant will bring about many physical changes, and along with it, emotional changes. You worry about not being able to get back into shape, wonder if your baby will be healthy and question whether you can be a good mother. These and more are just some of the feelings that expectant mums may experience.


Managing emotional well-being for is crucial for expectant mums. Pregnant women who make an effort to seek balanced emotional health are aware of their changing thoughts, feelings and behaviours and are more prepared to take things in her stride and enjoy the bliss of motherhood.


Steps to better emotional well-being:


• Acceptance: Accept that physical and emotional changes are part of pregnancy and that these are temporary and will last at the most couple of months post delivery.


• Awareness: Every trimester of pregnancy will bring new changes to the body and emotional state. Read up, speak to experienced mums and equip yourself with the knowledge so as to anticipate and prepare for the next stage.


• Make time for yourself: Taking caring of yourself is caring for the baby. Eat well, take ample rest and indulge in self-pampering.


• Communicate: If the stress is too much to take, don’t be afraid to seek help, talk to your spouse, doctor or anyone who can provide mental strength and support.


• Reorganise: Pregnancy can bring about a measured reduction in energy levels. Recognise that you may need to reorganise and prioritize work and slow down a little. Get accustomed to work at a reduced pace.


• Connect with friends: Stay in touch with friends. Continue to communicate in a typical manner, as always, it can be a great way to keep spirits high.

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