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There are various options that expectant mums may wish to consider for labour and delivery. As with any delivery method, always talk to your doctor for expert advice to find out if the method is suitable for you. Some of the options for childbirth are:


Vaginal Birth


This is the most traditional and common method of childbirth. Women who give birth using this method may find it easier to breastfeed. Recovery is faster after delivery and women do not have to stay in the hospital or the clinic for very long. Adopting this type of childbirth method can also help women to avoid the risks associated with major surgery, such as a Caesarean-section.


Although there are many types of pain relief medications available for labour and delivery, expectant mums can choose not to take them and adopt alternative methods of pain management (such as breathing techniques). That way, you can avoid an epidural, or a spinal block and have a natural birth, which will speed up your recovery.


Water Birth


Water birth is still relatively uncommon in Singapore, although this method is gaining interest and popularity amongst expectant mothers, who are opting for this unconventional method because of the comfort it provides.


When you go into labour, you will be asked by your doctor to enter a tub of water or a birthing pool. Once inside, your baby’s condition will be monitored using a special Doppler device. Many hospitals require a doula to accompany the expectant mother throughout the childbirth process.


Supporters of water birth say that the process is a gentler experience for mother and baby, who has been floating in the amniotic sac during the pregnancy and may feel more comfortable in the water. As soon as the baby is delivered, he or she would be removed from the water and begin breathing.


Water birth has also been found to be good for reducing anxiety and relaxing the muscles. The buoyancy of the water also helps to facilitate movement which may make the childbirth process smoother.


Hypno Birth


As the name implies, this childbirth method uses hypnosis to help the mother deal with pain. Practitioners of this method see childbirth as a normal process in which the pain you feel is due to the psychological effect of the contractions on your body.


To deal with this situation, mothers are taught the method of self-hypnosis and controlled breathing. By controlling your thoughts, mothers may steer their focus away from the pain associated with the contractions, making the child birth experience more pleasant and less stressful.


Caesarean Section


This is a surgical method of childbirth in which the doctor makes an incision in the abdomen and the uterus to remove the baby. Due to surgery, mothers who undergo C-Sections have a longer recovery time than normal delivery.


This method is usually for women who are at risk of developing complications or for babies with high risks of birth defects. Women who are having multiple babies or who have health conditions which make them unsuitable for vaginal birth, will also need to undergo C-Sections.

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